Diligence and Transparency

Best Pest Control in Miami Dade

Here at Pests Miami, we provide efficient and speedy pest control services that will eliminate the pest problem, keeping your property in the Miami area from further harm and unnecessary challenges. When it comes to outdoor, rat and mouse, mosquito, spider, no-seeum, ant, flea, tick, possum, and raccoon pest control, we are second to none due to our approach for each individual case. We take the time to know each of our customers and set th... Read more

How We Work

After years of hard work and customer service of the highest quality, our aim has remained the same since day one: to offer the highest quality pest control services at the best prices possible. All of our services are discreet, safe, and completed as quickly as possible. Because we know each customer requires a unique approach, we customize our services for each of our clients, so no matter if you need to get rid of mosquitos or mice, we'll... Read more

Humane Pest Control

While we do want to rid your property of pests, we don't want to just kill small animals that are a part of the urban ecosystem, after all, they are just trying to survive. When it comes to raccoons and possums, our goal is to trap and relocate them in a humane manner, always trying to handle and stress them the least during the process. Contact us today to learn more about how we work and to schedule your appointment today.